"That information is classified I'm afraid." - Kiran



Tony pouted, frowning at him. “But Kiraaaaannnn, I wanna know!”

The medic didn’t look up from the interface he was working on, shrugging his shoulders. “You always want to know my secrets. And that usually doesn’t stop you.”

Tony huffed, flopping down so his head was in Kiran’s lap. “Yeah, but I like when you tell me. ‘S not as much fun when I dig it up myself…”

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Your character finds mine passed out sleeping naked in bed. What do they do?



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"That information is classified I'm afraid." - Kiran

Tony pouted, frowning at him. “But Kiraaaaannnn, I wanna know!”

"You stupid brat. You can never be as good a man as Steve Rogers."

((Yeah, that was a common thing he heard too…))

"Just….shut up and leave me alone. I’m done reliving the past today."

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"Tony! Don't touch that. Just go to your room where you can't ruin anything."

((Yup. He heard that or another variation quite often…))

"That’s not fucking funny. I don’t need reminders of my childhood, thanks."

What’s something you think my character heard a lot in their childhood?


A noise or sound?
A particular saying?
Something their parents or teachers probably said a lot?
Something their friends might have told them?




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-throws a pillow at you- I ran out of shoes.


"Maybe you can just stop throwing things at me." Clint huffed, catching the pillow.

"I have killed more people then Steve’s been alive." Clint said with a chuckle as he threw the pillow in his hand at Tony. "So I could actually.”

“Could and would are two very different things.” He caught the pillow, flopping back to lay on the couch, holding the pillow to his chest. “I know you could—I don’t doubt that—but you wouldn’t.” He lifted his head to grin at him.
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